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  1.  You will be able to access/download the workbook immediately upon purchase
  2. Once you purchase request to join the challenge Facebook Group here:
  3. Once inside of the Facebook group you can watch the videos (all links pinned at the top)
  4. The live Q&A session will happen June 12th at 5 pm EST live


******About the Challenge******

    You don't have to guess or struggle about how to find funding for your business or non-profit. In the 5 day Build to Fund Challenge , you'll learn everything you need to know about:

    • the different types of business funding

    • how to find the right funding for your business

    • how to successfully apply for and secure funding.


    You'll leave this workshop with a clear understanding of your funding options and a plan for how to secure the funding you need to grow your business. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level! Sign up for the next challenge today.


    Day 1: Business Funding Truth & Secrets


    There are people preying on the fact that you want or need business funding so badly that you would do ANYTHING to get it without understanding or even considering what the impact of taking on funding can have on your business. On Day 1, you will learn:

    • The truth, facts, and secrets you need to know so that you are equipped with the right knowledge to help you through your journey to get funds for your business (or non-profit)

    • The pitfalls and traps to avoid while looking for business funding and grants

    • How to determine your business funding needs


    Day 2: Get Funding & Grant Ready


    Just because you have an LLC or EIN doesn’t mean you are ready to or can even get approved for business funding or business grants. If your business isn’t registered properly,  and you don’t have the right paperwork, on hand, you will look like an uninformed and unprepared business owner and you won’t get the funding. Period. On Day 2, you will learn:

    • The most common business documents, licenses, permits, and information you need so your business is seen as a real legitimate business on paper and in the eyes of banks and lenders and funders

    • How to organize and maintain your business so that it remains in good standings

    • About the business certifications that can make your business standout among other applications seeking the same funding as you


    Day 3: Types of Funding & Where To Find It


    There are many ways to fund a start-up, new, or existing business or non-profit. The types of funding or grants you go after depend on many different factors. You will have to strategically choose what type of funding you go after based on your unique business situation. If you know what to look for and how to look for it you will increase your chances of funding success. On Day 3,  you will learn:

    • The different funding options & resources that you can take advantage of as a non-profit, start-up business, new business, or existing business

    • How to look for, find, and take advantage of the specific types of funding 

    • The basic qualifications and important details are for each funding  type

    • How to get help applying for grants


    Day 4: Understanding & Getting Grants


    There are hundreds, if not thousands of grants, available for your business or nonprofit. Grants are typically free money but they aren't all the same. The grants you look for and apply to depend on your specific type of business or non-profit, your needs, and your current situation. This is why it’s important that you only look for and apply to specific grants and not random ones. On Day 4, you will learn:

    • The different types of grants available to you as a non-profit, start-up business, new business, or existing business

    • How to look for and find the types of grants you need

    • How to have grant opportunities sent directly to you

    • How to tell if you qualify for grants you want

    • Things that most grantors ask request


    Day 5: How to Properly Prepare to Apply


    By day five you will know what type of funding or grants you want to look for and apply for your business or non-profit. When you start identifying your funding sources and opportunities then it will be time for you to start applying. A lot of what you will have to submit can be completed upfront and updated as necessary. The more prepared you are behind the scenes the faster you can apply to opportunities. On Day 5, you will learn:

    • How to write the parts of your business plan (because this may be required when applying for funding and grants)

    • How to prepare other information and documents that lenders and grantors typically request

    • How to get help to increase your chances of securing funding or business grants


    Day 6: Next Level Insight Expert Panel

    After five full days of helpful information you will have additional questions as you think about the things that you learned in previous days. On Day 6, myself and my panel of expert friends (an HR consultant, non-profit consultant, and business credit consultant, as available) will spend one hour answering any follow-up or additional questions about what you learned, and we aren’t holding anything back! All you have to do is show up with your questions, pen, and paper.

    Build To Fund Challenge Replay Bundle

    $100.00 Regular Price
    $50.00Sale Price
    • Refunds are not allowed as this is a digital product and you start to recieve access to the information for the workbook upon purchase and the videos upon acceptance into the Facebook group.

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