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Want to give the BEST gift ever and support your loved one's dream? Give your wife, husband, boo, bae, baby, daughter, son, mother, sister, cousin, bestie, or whoever sent you to this page what they really want or need this Christmas.... A Business Coach and PROFESSIONAL that can help them!


This is the perfect gift you can give if:

  • They want to start a business and they don't know how to get started

  • They have a business but could use some help or support

  • They are ALWAYS talking about business ideas but YOU aren't sure how to help them

  • They've been "doing business" for a while now and you think they need help

  • You want to SHOW  them that you believe in them as an entrepreneur

  • You want to SHOW them that you support their dreams


Let's accelerate your progress. My signature Accelerate VIP Day is and efficient and effective way for ambitious aspiring or new boutique and retail stores, to take action and get the important things done to move their business forward with intention, clarity, and strategy. No more procrastination, confusion about what to do first or next, or not making decisions because you don't know what's right. For 8 hours we are focusing solely on you and your business needs. All you have to do is let me know what topics you want to focus on and apply to work with me.


Typically I work with people who have or want to start a boutique, online store, online brand, or service based business like food service, tax prep, coaching business, etc... 

You may not know exactly what your loved one wants or needs, but luckily my experience and knowledge as a start-up and business development coach is wide enough to help with most businesses and business ideas.


When I talk to your loved one we could talk about a lot of different things and they will tell me when they schedule their call exactly what they want to discuss. Some of the things we could talk about and work on are:

Steps to take to start their business

Business licenses or permits they need

How to grow their business on social media

How to build or make their website better

How to make their business legit

Ways to promote their business

How to price their products

How to make their business look professional

How to get a business bank account

Ways to make sales and money

How to find inventory or supplies

How to create a plan to grow their business


BUSINESS COACHING Gift Certificate (3).png




With the Gold Package pre-paid consultation the recipient and I will spend 60 minutes together , on the phone or through Zoom, planning & strategizing about their business or business idea.

BUSINESS COACHING Gift Certificate (3).png




With option 1 the recipient and I will spend 60 minutes together , on the phone or through Zoom, planning & strategizing about their business or business idea. 

BUSINESS COACHING Gift Certificate (3).png




"Legitimize Business Academy" is a 14 part video training that walks you through each step of the business registration process. Each video explains, in clear detail, what to do at each step register & maintain your business properly all by yourself. 

Business Coaching Gift Certificate


You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own....

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