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Hi! I'm Jannina but you can call me "Nina". I'm a true Florida girl at heart... You know the beach, palm trees, seafood, toes out year round, and sundresses.

In 2008 I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship. I quit and gave up so many times but I always found my way back. I always had to research or just try one more business idea. I prefer the "self-made route". 


When it comes to reading industry reports, industry forecasts, business books, blogs, podcasts, or business related classes I tune in big time.


I love learning, and the things I've learned over the years, and all of the new stuff I share with others. Particularly with people who want to start a business, develop a new product or service, and those looking for a business "coach" or "mentor"; however, I like to think of my self as a business development strategist and consultant.

I launched my consulting firm to give entrepreneurs and small businesses key information, customized strategic solutions, and unrivaled support needed to launch, grow, and market, online businesses and offline business across multiple industries, just like the big businesses.

I use my years of experience, knowledge, extensive vault of resources, and network to help others make their dreams come true. It's my life purpose. I have a God given gift of being resourceful, and creating plans and findings creative and strategic ways to make things happen and get things done.

I teach new and aspiring entrepreneurs what they need to know and how to apply what they just learned so they make intentional and well-thought out moves as they navigate the world of entrepreneurship.

To date, I've coached, consulted, mentored and taught 20,000+ entrepreneurs, and have spoken at workshops, conferences, and on panels. My client roster has generated well over $3 million and I've had the privilege of working with businesses all over the United States and Europe.

My educational background is forever changing. I received an A.A. degree in Mass Communications from Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL. After that, I graduated, with honors, from Florida A&M University with a B.A. degree in public relations. My next educational goals are to attend law school to get a juris doctorate, and then round things off with my PHD.


I have many certificates, certifications, and diverse experience in things like news reporting and writing, journalism, business planning, marketing, public relations, graphic design, photography, media buying and selling, graphic design, social media marketing, and website design (I designed this site).

I'm a wife and mom of six and that makes me an unofficial referee and unlicensed therapist, and it's a badge I wear proudly.

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